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About mDrawer

mDrawer is :
- A database system.
- For your Java enabled mobile phones.
- Generic (you define the data and the type of data you want to store).
- Secure for sensitive information (Encryption option).
- Free (as in free speech).
- Free (as in free beer).
- Open source (released under the GPL).
- Available for MIDP 1.0 and MIDP 2.0 devices.

mDrawer is NOT :
- Hard to use.
- Entirely bug free.
- A piece of furniture.
- A First-person shooter.

Please see download section for download instructions. Please send all feedback, bug reports, love letters etc to satanduck(at)gmail(dot)com.

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Project History

17th January 2005 - Release of User Manual.
10th January 2005 - Release of version 1.0.6.
8th January 2005 - Release of version 1.0.5.
6th January 2005 - Release of version 1.0.4.
6th January 2005 - Release of version 1.0.3.
5th January 2005 - Release of version 1.0.2.
Updated SourceForge project home page.
4th January 2005 - Release of version 1.0.1b.
Created simple temporary page for SourceForge project home page.
2nd January 2005 - Initial release of version 1.0b.
Registered as developer in GetJar.
Registered project in SourceForge.

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Release Notes

Please note that data for the same version (1.X) is compatible across all releases of the same version.
This means that an upgrade does not require you to remove your existing data unless specificly stated

1.0.6 - Changed screen descriptions so they don't clutter the screen.
Changed table creation behavior : table is dropped if creation process is cancelled at any point including password protection.
1.0.5 - Removed exception screens to save space.
Fixed change, add and remove password bugs.
Changed screens to be more descriptive of what they do.
Code optimization.
1.0.4 - Changed the way free space is obtained in "System Info" screen.
Added additional information in "System Info" screen.
1.0.3 - Added "System Info" screen to check heap memory and data space on device.
Added exception error messages.
Fixed duplicate table creation bug.
Removed "Delete" and "New" from record view to avoid confusion.
1.0.2 - Added project page in "About" screen.
Fixed wrong version information in MIDP 1.0's "About Screen".
1.0.1b - Fixed data delete exception.
Replaced screens magic numbers with static variables in

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Creating a new table List of available tables Password protection settings

List of data in the table View / Edit Data in table

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User Manual

- Click here to download the User Manual.

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Project Documentation


- Click here to see the EMPTY SourceForge documentation page!

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mDrawer is available in a few different ways.

- Click here to see instructions for WAP downloads from GetJar.
- Click here to go to the SourceForge download page (Zipped source with Netbeans 4.0 project file, .jar and .jad files)

To download directly to your phone via WAP (instructions for the GetJar page) :

- Point your WAP browser to
- Open the "Quick Download" link on the main page
- Put in the download codes; 691 for the MIDP 2.0 version; 692 for the MIDP 1.0 version.

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- The Legion of Bouncy Castle's encryption API is used in mDrawer. Both password hashing (MD5) and data encryption (DES) are taken from their excellent Lightcrypto package.
- Encryption is called using codes from Sun's article on how to use the Bouncy Castle API entitled Data Encryption for J2ME Profiles.
- FastQSort algorithm obtained from Sorting Algorithms page here, written by Dennis Ahrens.

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